Hirochika Sumino


Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
The University of Tokyo

4-6-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0041, JAPAN

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2023. 4. 17 updated

Throughout my academic career, I have been investigating the origins and behaviors of volatiles in the terrestrial mantle using highly-sensitive, precise noble gas mass spectrometry. I have developed the original ion source and detector for noble gas mass spectrometers to achieve high sensitivity comparable to or even better than commercially-available brand-new mass spectrometers. Notably, the technique of isotope ratio analysis for all of the five noble gas elements (helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon) for a single sample of various types (gases, fluids, rocks, and minerals) using several extraction methods (in vacuo crushing, heating, and laser microprobe) is unique not only in Japan but also in the world. Using the technique, I have revealed the deep-mantle origin of diamonds and kimberlites, traces of subduction-related metasomatism in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle, and magmatic volatile distributions in the hydrothermal systems around active volcanoes.

While visiting the University of Manchester, the UK, in 2006, I learned a technique for trace halogen determination combining neutron irradiation and noble gas mass spectrometry. I applied the method to decipher the origin of water subducted into the mantle at subduction zones. I have revealed that water derived from sedimentary pore fluids is conveyed into the mantle by the subducting oceanic lithosphere and modifies the halogen and noble gas compositions of the mantle wedge down to a 100 km depth.

Recently I have been working on a capability of helium isotope ratios of volcanic and hot-spring gases for volcano monitoring. I am developing a portable mass spectrometer having high sensitivity and mass resolution capable of helium isotope analysis in the field.

Press release of a recent work on volcanic gas monitoring at the Kusatsu-Shirane volcano, Japan

An introduction movie of "New volcano monitoring using helium isotope ratio: Next Generation Volcano Research Project"

Educational background

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Experimental and analytical expertise

  1. Noble gas isotope analysis of minerals in volcanic rocks, mantle xenoliths, and volcanic and hot spring water gases using in-house modified VG5400 mass spectrometers.

  2. 40Ar-39Ar and I-Xe age determination of terrestrial volcanic rocks and meteorites using an in-house modified VG3600 mass spectrometer.

  3. Halogen determination of minerals in volcanic rocks and mantle peridotites using the MS1 and ARGUS-VI mass spectrometers of Univ. of Manchester.

  4. K-Ar age determination of volcanic rocks using a VG5400 mass spectrometer and flame photometry.

  5. Development of a novel ion source for a noble gas mass spectrometer.

  6. Development of a portable mass spectrometer for on-site helium isotope analysis.

  7. Carbon isotope analysis of volcanic gases using a Finnigan MAT delta-S GC/C/MS.

  8. Determination of oxidation state of laser evaporated iron atoms by Mossbauer spectroscopy.

Publications (Peer-reviewed original papers and reviews)

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